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    Nice, your website's title passed this evaluation.

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    Nice, your website's <meta name="description"> passed this evaluation.

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  • Clean redirection: yes (10 / 10)

    We got an SEO expert right here. Everything is fine.

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    Smashing, you really know what you are doing!

  • H2 headings: 5 headings (5 / 10)

    Good job!

  • Images: We found 1 missing alt attributes (10 / 10)

    Nice one. Using alt attributes for <img> tags is state of the art!

  • Words: 363 words (0 / 10)

    You need to change the number of words on your site. Use at least 500 words on your website. A total of 2000 words would be perfect. The more content you use the better it gets.

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    You have to build more backlinks for your website in order to rank higher.

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    Website language provided in <html lang=""> and hosting location (IPv4) do not match. Maybe you just don't use the language tag.

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    Unfortunately your domains is too young to gain trust regarding the domain age. Hang in there and wait.

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    The HTML markup of your site is not valid. Use a validator to fix errors.

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Anonymous foundation's Mobile Blog


Just Another Blog

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Anonymous foundation's Mobile BlogJust Another BlogOptimis Dalam MasalahDiposting oleh Anonymous foundation pada 13:25, 21-Apr-15Dalam menghadapi masalah yang sedang dihadapi tidak harus mengandalkan orang lain.Percaya diri dan optimis dalam memperoleh penyelesaian masalah yang dihadapi sesuai norma yang berlaku.Kemandirian akan membuatmu dewasa . . .2Kalimat Penghapus DosaDiposting oleh Anonymous foundation pada 11:29, 18-Apr-151. Mengucap“Bismillah&rdquo ;pada tiap-tiap hendak melakukan sesuatu.2. Mengucap“Alhamdulillah&r dquo;­ pada tiap-tiap selesai melakukan sesuatu.3. Mengucap“Astaghfirullah& shy;”jika lidah terselip perkataan yang tidak patut.4. Mengucap“Insya-Allah&rdq uo;jika merencanakan berb...

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